Program development & implementation

Tailored program development for impactful results

Program development & implementation

The agrifood ecosystem faces formidable developmental hurdles as it grapples with the profound implications of climate change, deteriorating soil health, water scarcity, and biodiversity loss. These challenges represent both the greatest risks and opportunities for food and agribusinesses – particularly in the global south, where the agrifood sector holds the key to economic stability.

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Enabling governments, NGO’s and unilateral institutions to achieve transformative outcomes.

We collaborate with government agencies, NGOs, multilaterals, and DFIs to achieve their sustainable development goals (SDGs) and fortify the global agribusiness ecosystem. We actively work to devise and deploy initiatives that promote sustainable farming, champion gender equality, prioritise food security and nutrition, and positively impact economies, societies, and our shared environment.

The benefits

With our support, our clients can achieve:

  • Sustainable growth: Introducing practices that are both environmentally-conscious and economically viable. Ensuring program development benefits both present and future generations.
  • Enhanced resilience: Enhancing the resilience of the agrifood ecosystem, ensuring it is better equipped to face our most urgent economic, environmental, and ecological concerns.
  • Socio-economic impact: Prioritising gender mainstreaming, human rights, social empowerment and equitable economic growth. Actively work towards promoting diversity and equality.
  • Technological innovation: Championing the adoption of innovative agrifood technologies and solutions that not only increase efficiency and adapt and respond to environmental challenges.
  • Stronger supply chains: Fortifying supply chains against disruptions, be they economic, environmental, or geopolitical. Mitigating risks and adding value at every stage, ensuring stakeholders benefit from improved quality, traceability, and profit.
  • Increased capacity: Driving operational innovations that enhance efficiency, quality, and productivity. By streamlining processes and introducing best practices, we ensure that operations are not just more productive but also more environmentally friendly.

Supporting development programs around the globe

At Farrelly Mitchell, we are driven by a desire for change. Our development & impact specialists champion agricultural development, providing support to governments, NGO’s, DFI’s and more to improve food security, build capacities, and improve lives.

Our services:

Program development:

Farrelly Mitchell blends traditional program management tools with groundbreaking insights to create agriculture, food, and rural development programs that cater to increasingly complex economic, environmental, and developmental needs. This includes; crop and livestock production, improving resource use efficiency, promoting R&D, ensuring food security, and more.


We work with local and global organisations to develop and deliver high-impact training and technical assistance programs. Our training interventions are outcome-driven, and are designed to increase productivity and performance. We cater to a diverse audience – including smallholder farmers, scientists, regulators, and policymakers – and cover a wide range of topics including food safety, sustainable agriculture, circular bioeconomy, biotechnology, agroforestry, and integrated pest management.

Project evaluation and analysis:

We offer objective and structured evaluations of projects and programs through our ex-ante, interim, and ex-post assessments. We provide an overview of results and impacts, as well as guidance on future improvements. Our evaluation process includes an in-depth examination of project documentation and quantitative data, supplemented by interviews, focus groups, and field visits. This service is especially beneficial for contractors and authorities who require a deeper understanding of project efficiency and effectiveness.

Program monitoring and management:

We combine advanced monitoring techniques and project management capabilities to ensure that clients confidently navigate the challenges presented by their projects. By providing continuous and detailed feedback throughout the project’s lifecycle, we ensure that programs are efficiently executed and achieve their intended outcomes. Organisations seeking transparent reporting and effective program management will find our service indispensable.

Why choose Farrelly Mitchell?

For over two decades, Farrelly Mitchell has dedicated itself to creating a stable, equal, and sustainable world, implementing 100’s of projects all over the globe. We work with some of the worlds’ most renowned institutions on program development that is locally relevant, grounded in best practices, aligned with wider policies, and quantifiably successful across a range of metrics.

A Call to Action:

Our innovative and adaptive approach ensures that every project is met with expertise, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Contact us today and let us guide your organisation towards a more sustainable future.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What does program development in agrifood involve?

Program development encompasses strategic planning for sustainable crop and livestock production. It focuses on creating resilient food systems and improving resource efficiency.

Why is project evaluation important in agrifood projects?

Project evaluation provides critical insights into the effectiveness and overall impact of agrifood initiatives. It helps identify areas for improvement and ensures long-term sustainability.

What’s key in implementing agrifood programs?

Successful implementation hinges on integrating environmentally sustainable practices with socio-economic benefits. This approach ensures the resilience and efficiency of the agrifood sector.

How do consultants help in agrifood projects?

Consultants bring specialized knowledge in project design and monitoring, ensuring agrifood projects are managed effectively. They provide expertise in tackling the unique challenges of the agrifood ecosystem.

What role does project management play in agrifood?

Effective project management is crucial for aligning agrifood projects with their intended outcomes. It involves coordinating resources and processes to deliver results efficiently.

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A Call to Action:

Our innovative and adaptive approach ensures that every project is met with expertise, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Contact us today and let us guide your organisation towards a more sustainable future.

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