Market intelligence & insights

Bringing clarity to complex markets with our agribusiness market research

Market intelligence & insights

In the ever-changing agrifood industry, businesses often find themselves with an abundance of complex market data, but no clear path to unlocking its full potential. At Farrelly Mitchell, we embrace the information revolution and the wealth of opportunities it brings. Our experts help our clients navigate the intricacies of agribusiness market research and big data and develop a winning proposition against their competitors.

We understand the uncertainties and risks associated with commercial ventures. Our goal is to provide clarity to complex market forces and clear recommendations on your next move. By leveraging a network of experts, deep market insights, and cutting-edge analytical tools, we can transform facts, figures, and raw data into actionable information and foster data-driven growth for our clients.

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The benefits of our market intelligence & insights services

Conducting detailed market research for optimal growth

Our market intelligence team specialise in finding opportunities for growth in regional and international agrifood markets. We provide our clients with comprehensive knowledge of the complex market forces that affect and drive value

Our services

Our market research is tailored to the specific needs of our client, providing invaluable analysis of sales, products, markets, and competitors. Whether you are looking understand key market characteristics, internal gaps, improve your market position, or enter into new markets, our services can help.

We provide a number of essential services related to market intelligence, including:

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Market environments are often clouded by poor data which is largely gathered through secondary research and extrapolation which lack the depth and hands-on insights to develop strategic decisions. Our experienced market insights team provides real world insights with data gathered from on-groundwork and critical contacts in the market; providing clarity to your target markets,  adapt to constantly shifting demands, emerging competition dynamics, prices, and sales channel strategies.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

Why should agribusiness conduct market research?

Agribusinesses should conduct market research to understand market dynamics, customer needs, and competitive landscapes. This research informs strategic decisions, helps in identifying new opportunities, and guides product development for better market alignment and profitability.

Why is market intelligence important in agriculture?

Market intelligence is crucial in agriculture for making data-driven decisions. It provides insights into market trends, supply chain efficiencies, consumer demands, and emerging challenges. This knowledge helps in optimizing production, reducing risks, and enhancing competitiveness in the agricultural sector.

What role do consultants play in providing market insights for agribusiness?

Consultants in agribusiness offer expert analysis and insights into market trends, helping businesses understand complex data, identify opportunities, and strategize effectively for market entry and growth.

Why is consumer research important in agribusiness market research?

Consumer research in agribusiness market research is vital for understanding customer behaviors, preferences, and attitudes. This information helps businesses tailor their products and marketing strategies to meet market demands.

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“The Rice market: Meeting growing deman for mankind’s important calories”

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