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Agtech & foodtech

At Farrelly Mitchell we understand the critical role technology plays in shaping the future of agriculture. Businesses who identify and implement agtech correctly can enhance productivity, optimise resource utilisation, and maximise yields, while minimising environmental impact.

As pioneers in this domain, we have helped numerous large-scale agricultural enterprises to identify and implement innovative technologies that boost productivity, reduce strain on resources and capitalise on growth opportunities. From climate smart technologies and AI, to big data and robotics our agtech expertise can enable your business to leverage technology and optimise operations.

With decades of experience in the industry, our consulting experts can provide vital guidance on the implementation and feasibility of agricultural and food technologies. We offer a holistic approach, that transforms farming and agribusiness operations through innovative technologies and practices.

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Benefits of agtech adoption

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Leveraging technologies that maximise crop yields while reducing resource use. Adopting automation at a farm level that lowers labour costs and increases operational efficiency.
  • Sustainability and environmental stewardship: Reducing environmental impact through waste reduction, pollutant reduction, lowering carbon emissions, and resource conservation. Implementing strategies that support sustainability.
  • Innovation and economic growth: Developing innovative solutions to agricultural challenges and taking advantage of cutting edge technologies that stimulate commercial prosperity.

Identifying the most suitable technology for your business

Supporting businesses as they look to optimise operations, streamline processes, and unlock their true potential

Harnessing technology and driving agricultural prosperity

With new agtech solutions coming onstream every day, our agtech consultants are on hand to provide tailored solutions that cater to the unique challenges faced by farmers and agribusinesses.

Why Farrelly Mitchell?

Whether its helping businesses develop and implement strategies that take advantage of the latest agtech solution, or advising technology investors who are looking to maximise their returns, we have the necessary experience, expertise and awareness to deliver measurable results.

Our team of skilled agtech experts facilitates the integration of cutting-edge software and hardware solutions into your existing operations through technical and commercial feasibility studies, market entry studies, and vendor and buyer due diligence. From precision farming technologies to data analytics, we empower you to confidently make informed agtech decisions.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What is agtech and how can it transform agriculture?

Agtech, or agricultural technology, involves using innovative tools and practices to improve farming efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. From precision farming to data analytics, agtech solutions help in optimising resource use, boosting crop yields, and reducing environmental impacts.

How do agtech solutions enhance farm productivity?

Agtech solutions like automation, data analytics, and precision farming increase farm productivity by maximising crop yields, minimising resource wastage, and streamlining farm management. These technologies enable smarter decision-making and more efficient operations.

What role do agtech consultants play in modern farming?

Agtech consultants are experts who guide farmers and agribusinesses in implementing the latest technologies. They assess specific needs, recommend suitable solutions, and help in adapting to new methods, ensuring that the technology aligns with the business goals.

How does agtech contribute to environmental sustainability?

Agtech contributes to sustainability by enabling practices like waste reduction, pollutant control, carbon emission reduction, and resource conservation. These technologies support eco-friendly farming methods, balancing productivity with environmental stewardship.

Why is investment in foodtech and agtech important for economic growth?

Investing in foodtech and agtech spurs innovation and economic growth by developing solutions to agricultural challenges. Embracing cutting-edge technologies in these sectors stimulates commercial prosperity and opens up new market opportunities.

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