Ghana (West Africa)

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Ghana (West Africa)

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Ghana (West Africa)

At Farrelly Mitchell, we are deeply connected with West African agriculture and we are committed to supporting the region as it builds toward more productive, coordinated, and integrated agrifood markets. Through our Ghana office, we have a longstanding presence in the region and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that public and private sector stakeholders have in West Africa. We deliver solutions that create value, build capacity, and establish food security, all while ensuring long-term sustainability and social responsibility.

We assist government agencies, NGO’s, DFI’s and agribusinesses in fostering global integration, improving market linkages for smallholders, building capacity among producers, and establishing greater industrialisation.

Seizing growth opportunities in West Africa with expert guidance

We recognise the importance of agriculture within West Africa, and the enormous potential held within the region. Our African agribusiness experts support infrastructural development, foster public and private investments, and strengthen agrifood supply chains.

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Transforming African agriculture

We help clients by providing a range of agribusiness services designed to empower and advance Africa’s agri-food sector.

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Our team can support public and private stakeholders in developing food safety policies and management systems and delivering crucial training.
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Our consultants support public and private organisations in designing and navigating evolving agrifood policies and regulations.
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Our nutrition and food security consultants support policymakers as they look to build robust agrifood systems and improved regulatory frameworks.
Regional Director (West Africa)
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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What challenges does west african agriculture face?

West African agriculture faces challenges including climate variability, limited access to finance and markets, soil degradation, reliance on rain-fed agriculture, and pest infestations. Political instability and inadequate infrastructure also hinder agricultural development and efficiency in the region.

What are the main agricultural industries in west africa?

The main agricultural industries in West Africa include cereal crops such as rice, and maize; cash crops like cocoa, coffee, and cashew nuts; and livestock farming. The region is also known for its production of yams, cassava, and groundnuts, reflecting its diverse agricultural capabilities and climatic zones.

How does Farrelly Mitchell support West African agriculture?

Farrelly Mitchell supports the design and implementation of robust food systems, policies, and programs throughout West Africa. We focus on improving market linkages for smallholders, capacity building, and industrialisation in an increasingly commercialised industry. Their efforts include infrastructure development, promoting investments, and strengthening supply chains, all aimed at enhancing food security, ensuring sustainability, and driving economic improvements in the West African agrifood sector.

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