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Farrelly Mitchell works with global agribusinesses and policymakers from strategy to execution. We provide expert insights that drive growth, sustainability and prosperity. With a distinguished track record of success and decades of experience, we offer unparalleled food and agribusiness expertise.

Every region of the world presents its own set of unique complexities, we understand these challenges and help you to navigate this landscape assuredly.

Turning challenges into opportunities

As consumer behaviour shifts and pressures for transparency and traceability mount, our global agribusiness experts deliver exceptional support that enables clients to thrive.

Our global agribusiness services

Our food and agribusiness consultants understand that every project is different, tailoring services to match your needs and providing the insights you need to make informed decisions and seize opportunities.

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Our consultants support public and private organisations in designing and navigating evolving agrifood policies and regulations.
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Our feasibility & financial modelling experts evaluate and report on the commercial and technical aspects on any agrifood investment.
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Discover how our agtech consultants support businesses in the selection and implementation of innovative and modern technological tools.
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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What are the key global trends shaping the agriculture industry today?

Key global trends include the rise of sustainable and regenerative farming, increased use of digital technology and automation, the growth of plant-based diets, and a focus on improving food security and local supply chains.

How can agribusinesses navigate the challenges of global supply chain disruptions and market volatility?

Agribusinesses can mitigate global supply chain disruptions and market volatility by diversifying supply sources, investing in robust logistics and inventory management systems, and implementing digital tools for better market analysis and risk management. Leveraging the expertise of agrifood consultants is crucial in this process.

what are the most pressing challenges faced by the agricultural industry today?

The agricultural industry faces pressing challenges including climate change impacts, water scarcity, soil degradation, the need for sustainable practices, market volatility, labor shortages, and integrating technology to improve efficiency while ensuring food security and adapting to shifting consumer preferences towards sustainable products.

What role does technology play in advancing sustainable agriculture practices globally?

Technologies such as AI, drones, and IoT devices are enhancing precision farming, improving resource use efficiency, enabling data-driven decision-making, and reducing environmental impacts.

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Our global food and agribusiness experts navigate complex multinational projects, spanning geographies, governments, and global stakeholders. From large-scale acquisitions to feasibility and market entry strategies, we bridge gaps, streamline processes, and grow your operations.

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