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Green finance

Green finance

As the climate crisis looms, it is critical that the agrifood industry takes meaningful action and invests in environmentally conscious and sustainable endeavours. One way to achieve this is through green finance. Green finance is a term used to describe any financial supports that channel investment into projects or products with an ecologically or environmentally positive impact. It primarily consists of bonds, loans and investments which direct funding toward environmental initiatives.

Green finance covers investments in biodiversity protection, water conservation, greenhouse gas reduction, pollution control, renewable energy, and much more. According to the Global Environment Facility, less than 15% of the required capital flows to these areas, with the bulk of it coming from public and philanthropic entities. Given the interconnectedness of agriculture and climate change, public and private investors can play a key role in accelerating this movement by funding environmentally friendly agricultural projects.

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Benefits of green finance?

Green financing often has limited investor appeal, due to perceptions of high risk and modest returns on investments. Although green investments offer long-term value for companies or countries, they may not align with short-term financial objectives. Ultimately, though, green investments offer far more than just environmental benefits, including:

Value adding:

Agribusinesses who commit to green financing hold a competitive advantage over competitors by appealing to environmentally concerned customers and investors. Moreover, sustainably produced products can access niche markets, and demand a higher price offsetting any additional production costs.
Environmental regulations are becoming increasingly strict. Investing in green initiatives offers a proactive defence from further regulations and provides a comparative advantage over those who do not.

New technologies:

Governments who incentivise green investments can foster new strategies and technologies that protect societies from environmental disruptions and resource scarcity.
Green finance can unlock access to government subsidies, tax incentives, and other financial benefits designed to encourage sustainable practices. These incentives can make green projects more financially viable and attractive to investors by reducing initial costs and improving long-term returns.

Supporting green and sustainable investments

Our food and agribusiness consultants support the design and accessing of green finance initiatives.

Our expertise

At Farrelly Mitchell, our approach to sustainability goes beyond mere compliance. We dedicate ourselves to supporting public and private entities’ transition to sustainable agricultural practices. We believe that this transition should not be a financial drain, but rather an investment in long-term environmental health and economic resilience. With decades of industry experience and a global network of experts, we can identify solutions that balance profitability with environmental awareness, ensuring that our clients not only meet but exceed their sustainability goals.

Our team can guide agribusinesses in accessing green finance schemes and provide advice on aligning business operations with environmental sustainability objectives. We conduct thorough environmental impact assessments on existing operations and potential investment targets. Our services also extend to assisting governments, NGOs, and multilateral organisations in drafting and implementing green finance policies.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What is green finance in agriculture?

Green finance in agriculture involves financial support for eco-friendly agricultural projects. This includes investments in sustainable farming practices and technologies that contribute to environmental health and profitability.

How does impact investing in agriculture work?

Impact investing in agriculture focuses on funding sustainable farming practices and technologies that offer financial returns and positive environmental impacts, supporting a sustainable agricultural future.

What role does a certified expert in agricultural finance play?

A certified expert in agricultural finance advises on financial strategies and investments in the agricultural sector, focusing on profitability while promoting environmental sustainability.

Why is sustainable finance consulting important in agriculture?

Sustainable finance consulting guides agribusinesses in aligning financial goals with environmental sustainability, ensuring eco-friendly practices and financial viability in agriculture.

What are the benefits of green finance for agribusinesses?

Agribusinesses using green finance benefit from access to niche markets, compliance with environmental regulations, ultimately enhancing long-term economic and environmental health.

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By balancing profit and progress, green financing provides the incentives needed to go green. Contact our experts today to secure the financing you need to make a positive impact.

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