Food processing & manufacturing

Advanced food processing & manufacturing for the modern market

Food processing & manufacturing

Food processing & manufacturing

The food processing & manufacturing sector is wide and varied, spanning numerous industries. Processors and manufacturers are an essential component of the food supply chain, taking raw food materials from upstream producers and transforming them into consumable goods and ingredients for distribution.

Commercial success in the food processing & manufacturing industry hinges on a robust understanding of the competitive landscape, commodity prices, regulatory requirements, supply chain dynamics and evolving consumer preferences. Companies aiming to secure a competitive edge must find ways to optimise efficiencies, minimise food wastage and anticipate industry trends.

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Improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, streamline supply chains, and adapt to challenges.

Our services

At Farrelly Mitchell, our food manufacturing consultants act as trusted partners for food processors and manufacturers. We have a deep knowledge of food products and processing systems, enabling us to provide strategic advice and tailored operational solutions. We can assist clients with process optimisation, equipment selection, safety and quality control, navigating regulatory requirements, and more.

We support the processing and manufacturing industry with:

Supply chain optimisation:

We evaluate and improve upstream sourcing of raw materials and components by identifying suitable cost-effective suppliers and streamlining processes. We also optimise distribution networks, transportation, and storage systems for downstream partners.
We identify areas for technical and operational improvement and suggesting suitable strategies, production methods, and innovative technologies to seize them. We cover everything from facilities and equipment, to packaging and labelling, providing tangible productivity and efficiency gains.

Risk mitigation:

We conduct risk assessment to uncover potential operational threats and proactively address them through strategic planning, and the development and implementation of robust safety protocols.
We identify key regulations that may impact processors and manufacturers or disrupt supply chains. We help companies achieve regulatory compliance in areas such as sustainability, importing and exporting, and food traceability.

Food processing & manufacturing

Supporting clients throughout the food processing & manufacturing sectors with actionable insights and recommendations.

Our expertise

Our expert consultants are extremely knowledgeable on all stages of the food supply chain, and offer tailored supports to clients in the processing and manufacturing stage of food production. Through site visits and on-the-ground inspections, our team can develop an understanding of the nuances of your operations and provide strategic recommendations for seizing opportunities and mitigating risks.

Our recent work in the food processing & manufacturing sector includes:

A commercial and technical due diligence assessment for a client seeking to acquire a food manufacturer. This project involved conducting a deep analysis of the target’s operations and facilities, making financial projections, and identifying any potential risks and opportunities

A comprehensive corporate business plan for a dairy cheese start-up. This project included a detailed market review and environment study in order to obtain SIDF funding and ultimately culminated in SIDF approval and the successful construction of a new factory.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What is the difference between food processing and manufacturing?

Food processing involves transforming raw ingredients into food products, like washing, cutting, and fermenting. Food manufacturing is broader, involving mass production, packaging, and distribution of food items, often involving large-scale processes and machinery.

Can food processing consultants support the inspections and certifications process?

Food processing consultants can support businesses in preparing for inspections and obtaining certifications by offering expertise in regulatory compliance, safety standards, and quality control measures.

How can we incorporate sustainable practices in our product development?

Processors and manufacturers can incorporate sustainability by using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, optimising energy use, sourcing ingredients locally, and implementing recycling and water conservation practices.

How can food processing and manufacturing businesses ensure traceability and transparency in supply chains?

Businesses can ensure traceability by using technologies like blockchain, implementing robust tracking systems, conducting regular audits, and establishing transparent partnerships with suppliers for full visibility in the supply chain.

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