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The poultry industry is experiencing unprecedented growth – in the past decade alone, global poultry production has risen by almost 40%, owing to a growing demand for what is a comparatively cheap, protein-rich, and versatile food source.

According to the FAO, increasing population, greater purchasing power, and urbanisation have been strong drivers of this growth, and the popularity of broiler meat and eggs has triggered sweeping industry changes through advances in breeding, genetic editing, new feed strategies, new slaughter techniques, and a general intensification and industrialisation of farming.

The day-to-day management of poultry products is extremely complex, and requires an in-depth understanding of animal feed requirements, environmental controls, biosecurity risk management, storage, and transportation. As the sector continues to scale-up, stakeholders in the industry must be prepared to adapt and integrate the latest innovations and strategies to succeed in this competitive industry.

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Our services

At Farrelly Mitchell, our poultry experts are tapped in to evolving trends and market dynamics in the sector. We specialise in poultry management, offering strategic insights and solutions to optimise your farm and maximise your output. We hold deep knowledge on animal husbandry, animal housing and facilities, poultry feed and nutrition, biosecurity management, and much more.

Biosecurity risk management:

Our poultry experts design control strategies and preventative measures to stop the entry and spread of diseases and pests among your flock. By establishing rigorous monitoring and protocols, we can help you identify, isolate, and respond to any and all biosecurity risks swiftly and efficiently.
Using quality nutritious feed is essential for the health and productivity of poultry. We can analyse the specific nutritional needs of your animals and identify suitable suppliers who can satisfy your requirements.

ESG and sustainability:

We help clients operate sustainably and ethically by designing strategies that minimise environmental impact, ensure animal welfare, and maintain social responsibility. Our consultants cover sustainable feed sourcing, waste management, and farming practices, helping you align with global sustainability standards and enhance your reputation.
We conduct thorough assessments of your current operations, identifying areas for improvement and enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of your poultry business. Our team offers tailored strategies, ranging from agtech adoption to labour and resource management, streamliing processes and improving productivity.

Optimising poultry production

Providing tailored solutions to producers in the highly competitive and rapidly growing poultry industry.

Our expertise

Our services are delivered by a network of experts that boast decades of practical experience in the poultry industry. Our consultants recognise that every farm is different, and we tailor our strategies to account for different species, commodities, environments, scale, and available resources. We have worked with a range of stakeholders in the sector, including producers, manufacturers, and government agencies, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver valuable insights and outcomes to all clients.

Our recent projects in the poultry sector include:

Contributing to a major EU-wide project that sought to convert feathers from discarded waste into valuable raw materials. As part of Project UNLOCK, we helped design and demonstrate the viability of this innovative bioeconomy strategy.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What is poultry management and why is it important?

Poultry management involves overseeing all aspects of poultry production, including feed, housing, health, and biosecurity. Effective management is crucial for maintaining animal welfare, ensuring product quality, and maximising farm profitability.

How do poultry farmers prevent disease?

Poultry experts design control strategies and preventive measures to prevent disease and pest outbreaks. They implement rigorous monitoring and protocols to swiftly identify, isolate, and respond to biosecurity risks, ensuring flock health and farm safety.

Can sustainable practices be integrated into poultry farming?

Yes, integrating sustainable practices in poultry farming is possible. This includes sustainable feed sourcing, efficient waste management, and adopting energy-efficient practices, aligning operations with global sustainability standards.

What role does nutrition play in poultry production?

Nutrition is pivotal in poultry production. Quality feed ensures the health and productivity of the flock. External poultry experts can assess operations, analyse nutritional needs, and identify suitable feed suppliers to meet these requirements effectively.

How can poultry producers become more efficient?

By assessing current practices and identifying inefficiencies. This includes adopting agtech solutions, optimising resource management, and reducing or repurposing waste to stay competitive.

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As the poultry industry grows from strength to strength, Farrelly Mitchell is uniquely positioned to support both established businesses and those seeking entry in this lucrative market. To learn more about our services and how we can catalyse your business, contact our team today.

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