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Commercial & technical services services

Commercial success in the food and agribusiness industry requires strategic insight, meticulous planning, and informed decision-making. At Farrelly Mitchell, our global team of agrifood experts offers essential commercial and technical support to businesses seeking profitability, efficiency, and growth amidst challenges such as regulatory pressures, shifts in consumer behaviour, and the effects of climate change.

We excel at identifying and implementing strategies that enable businesses to expand, innovative and invest, while overcoming obstacles related to funding and management for scalable success.

By leveraging our deep understanding of industry dynamics, we design tailored strategies that capitalise on growth opportunities, adapt to market changes, and meet evolving consumer demands. From facilitating market entry and expansion to advising on mergers, acquisitions, and operational optimisation, our comprehensive services support business processes aimed at commercial growth, cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, and long-term success.

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Value creation & implementation

Our value creation consultants can design and implement growth strategies for your food and agribusiness.
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Agribusiness strategy & execution

Our agribusiness strategy consultants support clients with strategic planning, competitive positioning, and value creation.
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Risk advisory services

Our risk advisory consultants can identify and proactively address issues that threaten your food and agribusiness.
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Feasibility & financial modelling

Our feasibility & financial modelling experts evaluate and report on the commercial and technical aspects on any agrifood investment.
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Market intelligence & insights

Tailored food and agribusiness market research to transform your business decisions and help navigate complex markets.
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Due diligence consulting

Evaluate opportunities, mitigate risks, and foster informed growth decisions through due diligence consulting.

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