Development & impact services

Enhancing food security, boosting economies, and fostering resiliency and sustainability in developing agricultural regions.

Development & impact services services

Agricultural development plays a pivotal role in enhancing food security, stimulating economic growth, and establishing safe and sustainable food systems, particularly in developing countries where poor management, inadequate infrastructure, and limited industrialisation have led to inequality, poverty, and malnutrition. Farrelly Mitchell assists clients in these regions to boost agricultural productivity, significantly impacting the well-being and livelihoods of the most affected populations.

Driven by a passion for positive transformation, Farrelly Mitchell supports governments, NGOs, and international bodies in achieving significant advancements in food security, agricultural development, and sustainable practices. With extensive experience in agricultural development and rural empowerment, our consultants offer support on food security programs, institutional development, governance, capacity building, training, market linkages and more. We are committed to facilitating the agricultural sector’s transition towards more productive, inclusive, and sustainable food systems, addressing global challenges like food insecurity, poverty, and environmental concerns through strategic development and implementation of effective solutions.

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Impact monitoring & evaluation

Our impact monitoring and evaluation services support key agrifood development programs and policies throughout the global south.
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Program development & implementation

We offer expert program development and program implementation services tailored to the agrifood sector.
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Market linkages & value addition

We transform market challenges into growth opportunities by strengthening market linkages for smallholders.
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Capacity building & training

Our capacity building & training experts can strengthen skills and processes for long-term agrifood prosperity.
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Institutional development

Our food and agribusiness consultants foster transformative change within key agrifood institutions.
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Nutrition & food security

Our nutrition and food security consultants support policymakers as they look to build robust agrifood systems and improved regulatory frameworks.

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Enabling governments, NGO’s and unilateral institutions to achieve transformative outcomes.


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