Due diligence consulting

Make informed growth decisions with our expert due diligence consulting services

Due diligence consulting

Whether you are evaluating an investment opportunity, looking to expand your existing operation, or trying to sell your agribusiness, our expert guidance can empower you to make the right decisions. Our due diligence experts can quickly deliver independent and unbiased red flag reports with clear go/no-go recommendations to buyers.

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With decades of due diligence experience supporting clients on both the buy side and sell side, Farrelly Mitchell have acted as trusted partners in more than $5B worth of acquisitions to date. Our approach to food and agribusiness due diligence will provide you with the technical, operational, and commercial insights you need to truly understand your next venture and increase shareholder value. Our team of international industry experts gives us unrivalled regional and sector knowledge that allows us to analyse and scrutinise every aspect of an acquisition.

The benefits of our due diligence services

We offer a range of due diligence services including technical due diligence, operational due diligence, and commercial due diligence to clients looking to buy or sell. If necessary, we can also provide an integrated approach, combining multiple due diligence services into a unified strategy.

Confidently informing your next transaction

Our due diligence experts can guide your decision-making process and ensure that your choices are backed by years of hands-on agribusiness experience.

Our services

Our food and agribusiness consultants understand that every project is different, tailoring services to match your needs and providing the insights you need to make informed decisions and seize opportunities.

Technical due diligence:

ESG due diligence:

Commercial due diligence:

Why Farrelly Mitchell?​

Our due diligence consulting experts, along with our vast network of independent industry experts, are capable of quickly, discretely, and comprehensively investigating investment opportunities. We can collaborate with your in-house transaction team and other advisors, integrating seamlessly with any existing due diligence processes. We can articulate our findings to key stakeholders, such as investment committees, funders and boards of directors. Our due diligence consulting services can dissect and examine investment opportunities to guide you towards judicious decisions. We can implement recommendations, mitigate risks, and provide ongoing support as needed.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What is due diligence in agribusiness?

Due diligence in food and agribusiness involves a thorough investigation into the financial, operational, technical, and legal aspects of a farm or agricultural business. This process assesses risks, evaluates the sustainability of practices, and ensures compliance with regulations to make informed investment or partnership decisions.

Why is due diligence important in agribusiness investments?

Due diligence is crucial for identifying potential risks and opportunities in agribusiness investments. It helps investors understand the viability, profitability, and sustainability of the agricultural business, ensuring that their investment is sound and aligns with their objectives and values.

What key areas are examined in agribusiness due diligence?

Key areas include financial health, operational efficiency, legal compliance, environmental sustainability, market viability, and supply chain integrity. Understanding these areas helps in assessing the overall potential and stability of the agribusiness.

How does due diligence address environmental and sustainability concerns?

Due diligence in agribusiness examines farming practices, resource management, and environmental impact. This ensures that the business adheres to sustainable practices, complies with environmental regulations, and is prepared for long-term ecological challenges.

Can due diligence help in understanding market and consumer trends?

Part of due diligence involves analysing market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitive landscape. This helps in understanding the demand for agricultural products, potential market growth, and positioning strategies for the agribusiness.

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Our due diligence consultants provide more than just professional support. Our thorough analysis of facts and comprehensive industry insights will guide your decision-making process, ensuring that your choices are backed by years of hands-on agribusiness experience.

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“The Rice market: Meeting growing deman for mankind’s important calories”

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