Kenya (East Africa)

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Kenya (East Africa)

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Kenya (East Africa)

At Farrelly Mitchell, we are committed to developing the agrifood industry in East Africa. Spearheaded by our newly established Kenya office, we offer transformative, results-driven support to governments, multilaterals, NGOs, DFI’s, and agribusinesses throughout East Africa.

With a vast network of regional experts and a track record of real impact, we support a wide range of programmes designed to advance rural and economic development in the region and achieve measurable growth. Our consultants are dedicated to tackling ongoing regional challenges such as food safety and security risks, as well as supporting ongoing efforts to modernise and industrialise East African agriculture.

Building resilient food systems in Africa with expert guidance

We recognise the essential role that food safety and security play in the progress of developing nations, and the special significance they hold for African agribusinesses. Our African agribusiness experts help clients develop and implement sustainable food safety systems that ensure safe and nutritious food supplies, breaking the cycle of malnutrition.


Transforming East African agriculture

We help clients by providing a range of agribusiness services designed to empower and advance Africa’s agri-food sector.

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Our nutrition and food security consultants support policymakers as they look to build robust agrifood systems and improved regulatory frameworks.
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Our team can support public and private stakeholders in developing food safety policies and management systems and delivering crucial training.
Associate Director (East & Southern Africa)
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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What challenges does East African agriculture face?

East African agriculture faces challenges such as unpredictable weather patterns, pests/diseases, limited access to modern farming technology, poor market access, and issues related to land tenure and infrastructure.

What are the main agricultural industries in East Africa?

The main agricultural industries in East Africa include coffee and tea production, horticulture, and staple crops like maize and rice, reflecting the region’s diverse climates and terrains.

How does Farrelly Mitchell support East African agriculture?

Farrelly Mitchell focuses on advancing rural and economic development, enhancing food safety and security, and modernising East African agriculture. Services include capacity building, policy and regulation advice, and strengthening food control systems. Their efforts are aimed at achieving measurable growth, tackling regional challenges, and driving nutritional and economic improvements in East African agriculture.

African Insights:

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Although food waste is a challenge faced across the world, Africa faces it at different points in the food system . . .

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Our regional agribusiness experts understand African agriculture. We aim to make a real difference and leave a lasting impact in the communities and sectors where we work.

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