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Farrelly Mitchell is an international food and agribusiness consultancy firm that works with corporate, government, sovereign wealth, private equity and institutional clients. Since our foundation in 2004, we have been dedicated to empowering the world’s most progressive food and agribusinesses, governments and multilateral agencies. Initially founded in Dublin, Ireland by Philip Farrelly and Malachy Mitchell, our company has gone on to establish offices in Riyadh, Dubai, Accra, London, and Nairobi giving us a worldwide reach.

We are committed to making a real difference in the food and agribusiness sector. We share the ambitions of our clients, for whom we have provided countless growth opportunities and support for two decades.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable sustainable growth and development for our clients. We believe that informed decision-making is key to lasting success – by leveraging the expert insights of our consultancy, our clients can identify growth opportunities, mitigate risks, build robust agrifood systems, and implement innovative strategies that maximise agricultural potential.

Our food and agribusiness consulting is holistic – we have supported projects from farm to fork around the world, ranging from largescale food and agribusiness acquisitions in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia to smallholder farmer and SME training in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are driven to help no matter the location or the project, and we ensure that the recommendations and solutions we provide are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

A commitment to sustainability

At Farrelly Mitchell, we are committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We recognise that our consulting efforts in the food and agribusiness sector have the capacity to influence global sustainability profoundly.

We aim to achieve more than just regulatory compliance, rather, we actively integrate SDG principles into our projects and strategic advice, aiming to contribute to responsible consumption, reduced inequalities, and sustainable communities. Our commitment is not only to our clients’ success but to ensuring that their growth is aligned with the global agenda for a sustainable future.

Our team

With a global team of over 500 seasoned subject matter experts, we’re not just consultants, we’re cultivators of success in the food and agribusiness. Our consultants have real-world-experience from working in senior operational and strategic roles across multiple food and agribusiness sectors in Europe, Middle East, Africa and globally. Each of our regions are headed by experienced regional directors and team of local consultants with intimate knowledge and experience of the local food and agribusiness landscape.

Whether it’s advising institutions, guiding public sector initiatives, or partnering with private enterprises, we’re committed to delivering exceptional results that transcend borders and elevate industries. With us, it’s not just about consultation; it’s about collaboration, innovation, and a shared passion for cultivating a sustainable, thriving future for food and agribusiness worldwide.

Our expertise

With a global network, decades of experience, and a track record of client success stories, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of food, beverage, and agribusiness consulting. We offer deep knowledge on key sectors such as agri-inputs, primary production, controlled environment agriculture, aquaculture, food ingredients, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and more.

Our team are adept at tackling key agrifood challenges. We consult on key environmental themes such as climate, clean energy, biodiversity, and circular economies. We also offer insights into operational development, with expertise in agtech and foodtech, digitalisation, rural development, and more.

Our services

The services we offer and the clients we support can be broken down into three categories; Commercial & technical support, food systems support, and development & impact support.

Our commercial & technical services primarily cover food and agribusiness decision-making, with a particular focus on investments, transactions, and strategy development. We provide due diligence appraisals and feasibility assessments in support of M&A and market expansion or restructuring projects. We also offer key market analytics, value creation, supply chain optimisation, and strategy development in support of businesses looking to maximise their commercial potential.

Our food systems services cover all stages of agrifood systems, including production, processing, distribution, marketing, and consumption. We identify and implement optimum strategies for efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. This includes sustainability consulting, ESG auditing, policy & regulation compliance, agtech adoption, food safety, and food traceability measures.

Finally, our development and impact services provide vital support to developing nations / global south looking to build capacity or improve their practices. We offer program design and implementation support that provides a clear path to modernity. Our capacity building and training opportunities improve business’ and organisations’ capabilities, and our food security expertise informs businesses on how to produce plentiful, nutritious, and resilient food supplies. In addition to this, we also work with governments and multilaterals to shape policies and regulations that support businesses, encourage sustainability, enhance supply chains and implement institutional reforms.

Our impact

Over the years, our consultancy firm has collaborated with clients on numerous exciting and important endeavours. From sustainable farming and ESG practices, to food safety and security, we are proud of the projects we have worked on and the beneficial impact we have had on the global food and agricultural industry.

Our commitment to a brighter future is as strong now as it was in 2004, and we are eager to continue supporting agribusinesses, corporations, and governments in providing profitable, sustainable, secure, and nutritious food supplies around the world for years to come. The future of the food and agribusiness sector will undoubtedly be frought with challenges and uncertainties, from climate change and environmental disruptions to population growth and social inequality.  We believe that our expertise can play a crucial role in tackling these issues and achieving the equitable future set out by the United Nations’ SDGs.

To learn more about our positive impact and the services we offer, read our client success stories.

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Client success stories

Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What is Farrelly Mitchell?

Farrelly Mitchell is an international consultancy firm specialising in the food and agribusiness sectors. With a network of international food consultants based in Dublin, London, Riyadh, Dubai, Nairobi and Accra, Farrelly Mitchell empower governments, agencies, businesses, and investors by delivering actionable, evidence-based insights.

What services does Farrelly Mitchell provide?

Farrelly Mitchell provides a comprehensive suite of services across three main categories:

Commercial & technical services: This category encompasses a broad array of advisory services designed to enhance the operational efficiency, productivity, and financial performance of food and agribusiness companies. Key services include: Market analysis, value creation, strategy development, operational optimisation, risk management.

Food systems services: Targeted at addressing the complexities of the global food system, these services aim to enhance food security, sustainability, and nutritional outcomes. They include: Supply chain management, sustainability and ESG advisory, food security and nutritional strategies.

Development & impact services: Focused on creating positive social and environmental impacts, particularly in developing regions. Services under this category include: Capacity building and training, policy advisory, institutional development as well as impact assessment and evaluation.

What is Farrelly Mitchell’s mission?

Farrelly Mitchell’s mission is to empower governments, agencies, businesses, and investors by delivering actionable, evidence-based insights that drive sustainable growth and profitability in the food and agricultural sector.

What expertise does Farrelly Mitchell have?

Farrelly Mitchell offers comprehensive expertise in the food and agribusiness sectors, underpinned by extensive industry experience. Key areas of expertise include expert financial assessments and investment analysis, strategic and operational guidance, and a nuanced understanding of global food systems with an emphasis on food security and sustainable practices.

Farrelly Mitchell possess specialised knowledge across various sub-sectors including dairy, fisheries, food processing, and food service. The firm is adept in the latest agricultural technologies and innovations. They specialise in policy advisory and institutional development. They also provide agricultural and agribusiness training programs focused on skill enhancement, especially in developing regions.

Who does Farrelly Mitchell support?

Farrelly Mitchell supports both public and private stakeholders throughout the food and agribusiness industry. This includes governments, NGO’s, multilaterals, and DFI’s, as well as agribusinesses, sovereign wealth funds, and private equity companies. Their services extend across the entire food value chain, including primary producers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

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