Risk advisory services

Protect your business from disruption with our comprehensive risk advisory services

Risk advisory services

Risk analysis and management plays a crucial role in the agrifood sector. Effective risk management and associated controls are critical to a business’s performance and the achievements of its organisational goals. Identifying and proactively addressing risks is key to ensuring a company’s long term sustainability and integrity.

With decades of risk management experience, our industry experts have not only amassed a deep understanding of risk, but also an ability to present it in a digestible and actionable manner. Our risk management consultants are skilled in assessing and managing a wide range of risks, from market and financial risks to environmental, human resources and regulatory risks. Our risk advisory services can accurately gauge the overall risk profile of your business, assess the organisation’s appetite for risk, and highlight any internal and external risks that might negatively impact performance or threaten your business.

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The benefits of risk analysis and management

Our pragmatic risk management solutions provide:

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Risk advisory services:

We provide a range of risk management and advisory services that help businesses navigate uncertainties.

Technical risks:

Logistics and supply chain risks:

Financial risks:

Operational risks:

Strategic risks:

ESG & environmental risks:

Regulatory risks:

Why Farrelly Mitchell?

At Farrelly Mitchell we are acutely aware of the unique challenges of the food and agribusiness industry and we’ve refined our services to address them head-on. Our agile approach and ability to manage multifaceted projects, means we can quickly ensure that risks are identified, evaluated, and neutralised before they have time to escalate.

Our risk management experts excel at distilling complex risk information, providing crystal-clear insights and crafting evidence based policies tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our risk management consultants are adept in navigating multicultural and multidisciplinary environments. Their high level of interpersonal skills and advanced understanding of risk dynamics means they are capable of developing innovative and insightful solutions.

In this article, we explore some of the most pressing food and beverage supply chain challenges and examine the ways in which businesses can build more stable, efficient, and sustainable supply chains.

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With our vast experience and deep understanding of the agribusiness sector we provide you with more than just professional support. Our thorough analysis of facts and comprehensive industry insights will guide your decision-making process, giving you the confidence that your choices are backed by years of hands-on agribusiness experience.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond due diligence services. Farrelly Mitchell offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet every facet of your business needs, including market intelligence consulting, sustainability and ESG services, feasibility and finance modelling, food safety and security consulting, and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

How does risk management in agribusiness benefit a company?

Effective risk management in agribusiness ensures predictability, compliance with health and safety laws, financial stability, enhanced reputation, and operational efficiency. It prepares companies for unforeseen disruptions and maintains high safety and quality standards.

What role does a risk management consultant play in the food industry?

A risk management consultant assesses and manages various risks in the food industry, from environmental impacts to regulatory compliance. They offer tailored advice, ensuring businesses are prepared for potential challenges and operate sustainably.

What is involved in a risk assessment in the food industry?

Risk assessment in the food industry involves evaluating potential hazards related to food safety, supply chain vulnerabilities, and compliance with health regulations. It aims to preemptively identify and mitigate risks to ensure consumer safety and business integrity.

What aspects of agribusiness are covered by risk analyses?

In agribusiness, risk analyses can cover operational procedures, market trends, compliance with legal and regulatory standards, environmental impacts, technological advancements, supply chain integrity, strategic direction, reputational factors, and more. It is a comprehensive assessment to identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential vulnerabilities across these diverse yet interconnected areas, ensuring overall business resilience and success.

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