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Project Rainbow | Commercial due diligence consulting

The problem

The Client

The client on this project was a leading private equity firm, renowned for supporting Irish SMEs domestic and international growth and acquisitions.

For this project, The Client sought the expertise and insights of Farrelly Mitchell in support of a major strategic acquisition. The Target in this instance was a leading business in the agricultural machinery and ground care product sectors and one of the oldest and companies of its type in the United Kingdom and Ireland, renowned for producing land rollers, fertiliser spreaders, slurry tankers, and many other agricultural tools and equipment.

The Client embarked on ‘Project Rainbow’ to ensure a thorough evaluation of this investment opportunity and called upon the expert consultancy of Farrelly Mitchell for an in-depth commercial due diligence assessment.

The Problem

The complexity of the agricultural machinery market, coupled with the intricate dynamics of The Target’s operational territories – primarily Ireland and the UK – presented a significant challenge.

The Client required a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape, demand drivers, and potential risks associated with the acquisition. Essential to their strategy was identifying any ‘red flags’ that could jeopardise the investment’s success.

This necessitated a deep dive into the target company’s market position, customer relationships, supply chain logistics, and growth potential. In particular, The Client wished to assess the impact of Brexit on customer demand in the United Kingdom, as well as the impact of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) payments on demand for agricultural machinery.

The solution

Our team deployed a structured approach to tackle the project’s demands, following a well-defined and proven process to gather, analyse, and interpret the necessary information provided to us. Through initiating a Project Kick-off Workshop and issuing detailed requests for information to The Target, we paved the way for our analysis.

Our scope covered:

Industry overview & market positioning: We conducted a thorough examination of the agricultural machinery landscape within Ireland, the United Kingdom, and a high-level review of the European market. This included scrutinising macro-economic trends, market drivers, and competitive differentiators.

Demand factors: We conducted a deep review of future market size, trends, and growth projections. We assessed demand drivers, as well as the potential impact of external factors like CAP payments and Brexit on demand.

Customer relationships & market assessments: We conducted a critical review of The Target’s dealer networks and customer engagement strategies, offering insights into its market strength. This included reviewing stakeholders, brand share across dealer networks, target markets, routes to markets, and competitor assessments.

Operational review: We assessed The Target’s supply chain logistics, production costs, and existing expansion plans against the backdrop of market challenges, providing a forward-looking perspective on growth and service expansion opportunities.

Strategic evaluation: Utilising frameworks like SWOT and Five Forces, we identified The Target’s competitive advantages, market opportunities, and potential barriers to success.


Our deliverables—a high-level findings presentation identifying key red flags, followed by draft and final red flag due diligence reports—were designed to equip the client with actionable insights within a condensed timeline.

The results

After completing our analysis, we drafted a comprehensive red flag report for the client that broke down The Target’s market position, operational strengths, and potential vulnerabilities. Armed with this knowledge, the client was able to make an informed decision regarding the acquisition. The insights provided not only highlighted immediate areas of concern but also laid the groundwork for strategic planning and negotiation, ensuring that the client could proceed with confidence in their investment journey.

Farrelly Mitchell: Specialised due diligence consulting

‘Project Rainbow’ highlights the value of rigorous commercial due diligence and strategic consultancy in navigating complex agribusiness investment landscapes. Our client’s success in moving forward with a well-informed perspective underscores the importance of expert analysis and the power of data-driven decision-making in achieving investment objectives.

At Farrelly Mitchell, our expert due diligence consulting can bring clarity to complex investment and facilitate informed decision-making. We believe that a failure to identify risks and evaluate opportunities can severely limit the chances of successful mergers, acquisitions, or expansion. Without assessing all aspects of an investment, agribusinesses leave themselves vulnerable to unforeseen disruptions and volatility.

We provide a suite of commercial due diligence consulting services, covering all technical, commercial, operational, and ESG aspects of your investment target. Our due diligence consulting runs deeper that the figures; we provide unbiased, independent, and discreet red flag reports with clear go/no-go recommendations, based upon a combination of practical industry experience and cutting-edge analytical tools.

We also provide a range of additional supports for food and agribusinesses. With our feasibility, market intelligence, and strategic services, you can plan, analyse and execute your next venture with confidence.

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