Supply chains & food security: assessing the impact of disruptive forces

This webinar is dedicated to the publication of our report  – Supply chains & food security – assessing the impact of disruptive forces. We hear from Malachy Mitchell in Dublin, Najeeb Alhumaid in Riyadh and Stephen Awuah in Accra as they get to grips with the major themes around this topical subject.

Specifically, we look at the nature of the globalised food supply system and the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. We also look at the spectrum of previous disruptions in a bid to understand the learnings we can take from those events in making the world’s food supply system more resilient.

This presentation also takes in the Swiss, Saudi and Sub-Saharan African experiences as we look at the best practices and requirements for a more effective food supply chain, one capable of withstanding the next great food security challenge – climate change.

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