UN SDGs at the core of our sustainability strategy

Environmental and social governance (ESG) risks are increasingly being recognised as financial risks. International agreements on climate change, such as the Paris Agreement, are informing and driving our proactive agenda on sustainable agriculture. We transform these risks into opportunities today, for growth and prosperity tomorrow.

ESG has become a key priority across F&A investments around the world. Carbon neutral business operations and full alignment of business strategies with Sustainable Development Goals are critical for successful future growth of F&A companies worldwide. Increasingly, low carbon impact supply chains and sustainable procurement strategies are being prioritised. We work with our clients to optimise sustainability strategies and practices, planning for both environmental protection and socio-economic development, and creating the conditions for resilient prosperity.

Working to create value and profitability for our clients

ESG investments are currently estimated to be worth over $30 trillion and forecasted to remain on an explosive growth trajectory over the coming years. Switching to sustainable practices makes economic sense. F&A players in the global market are increasingly prioritising ESG strategies within their business model due to significant associated benefits that can no longer be ignored. The business case for ethical investing is well founded, with ESG deemed to be increasingly necessary to ensure returns for all stakeholders.

Let us help you with our unrivalled expertise and practical, pragmatic approach

Leverage our extensive experience and our unique ability to carry out in-depth investigation and independently asses your environmental, social and governance issues – helping your company to mitigate risk while creating sustainable value.

Some of our key service areas include:

  • ESG due diligence & feasibility
  • Supply chain assessment
  • Sustainability/ESG auditing
  • Environment impact assessment (EIS)
  • Independent review of reporting and investment criteria
  • Independent validation of ESG strategies

Who do we serve?

  • Institutional investors and fund managers
  • Food and agribusiness companies
  • Governments/policy makers
  • Multilaterals/NGOs
  • Private equity funds

What we do

Our considerable agribusiness and food industry knowledge and experience help clients within these sectors to make the right decisions, improve and sustainably grow.

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