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Policy & regulation

In today’s rapidly evolving agrifood sector it is more essential than ever to establish clear and consistent legislation for food and agribusinesses to comply with. Policies act as benchmarks for businesses. They outline the principles and guidelines needed to ensure standardisation, curb substandard practices, and protect the public. Policy and regulation are vital tools for tackling some of the industry’s most pressing challenges, such as sustainability, food security, and food safety.

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At Farrelly Mitchell, our policy and regulation consultants provide key supports for those looking to navigate the complex regulatory landscape of food and agribusiness. We act as a bridge between public and private stakeholders, supporting policymakers across the world in building fair and transparent agri-food regulatory systems, as well as supporting corporates in understanding policies and achieving regulatory compliance.

Benefits of policy and regulation

We believe that policy and regulation is the cornerstone for a sustainable, resilient and prosperous food and agribusiness industry. Well-crafted policies incentivise ethical and responsible operations, while also enhancing credibility and mitigating risks. As the sector adapts to growing populations, environmental concerns, and technological advancements, it is key that these standards are upheld.

Building safer food systems through secure regulatory control

Supporting public and private organisations in designing and navigating evolving agrifood policies and regulations.

Our services

Our policy and regulation consultants work with both public and private organisations to navigate the complexities of policy design and implementation.

We provide public sector clients with:

Our policy consultants deliver actional insights across three critical domains

Why Farrelly Mitchell

Food and agribusiness regulations can vary greatly based upon economy, ecology, and geography. For this reason, crafting well designed policies and implementing them in your operations correctly can be challenging for industry stakeholders. We recognise the complexities of agrifood policy and regulation, and offer extensive supports to clients seeking assistance in this area.

Our consultants have supported governments, multilateral agencies, and private sector clients in understanding, designing, and implementing policy and legislation. We employ dedicated policy specialists with decades of experience in interpreting laws and creating policies. Our network of food and agribusiness experts spans the globe, offering us a birds-eye view of international industry standards.

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Are agriculture regulations and policies changing?

Recent changes in agricultural policy have placed greater focus on fairness, competitivity, and sustainability throughout the agricultural industry. While new policies such as the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are for the betterment of the industry, businesses must be ready to adapt and comply with these policies or risk punishment.

How do policy consultants support food and agribusinesses?

Sudden shifts in agricultural regulation can have dramatic impacts on food and agribusinesses. Policy consultants can assess regulatory trends in existing markets to identify and proactively address upcoming changes, as well as provide insights into the regulatory environment in new markets.

How do policy consultants support governments?

Policy consultants assist governments by evaluating existing policies, identifying gaps, and providing evidence-based recommendations to strengthen policy and legislation. They help improve the regulatory framework for the benefit of both public and private stakeholders.

How do well-crafted policies benefit the food and agribusiness industry?

Well-crafted policies incentivise responsible operations, enhance credibility, and mitigate risks in the food and agribusiness sector. They also address challenges like sustainability, food security, and food safety.

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