Mission Statement


Empowering the world’s most ambitious food and agribusinesses to make the right decisions.


Integrity – We keep integrity at our core, and this is evident in the actions of our people and the work that we produce. “Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking”, we believe in this and live this value every day.

Curiosity – We cultivate a curious mindset, as an organisation and the people within it. Curiosity is a natural element of our work and we are always diving into the “why”.

Responsibility – As a leader in business we own our responsibilities, these include responsibility to our clients, to our people, to our communities and to our environment.

Practicality – Our clients are at the heart of what we do and put time and effort into finding solutions that are uniquely tailored to them and that will work in their particular business.

Excellence – Attention to detail, specialised knowledge and a relentless focus on quality. We strive for excellence and to create value in everything that we do.


As consultants to many leading food and agribusiness firms as well as numerous multilateral and government agencies, we understand the need for environmental and social action in business activities and approach 

  • Reduced reliance on paper and moved to paper-free where possible
  • Recycling facilities are fitted in the office with separate containers for paper waste
  • Increased flexible working options to reduce office energy use and lower commuter related emissions
  • Offer the bike to work scheme to employees to encourage a greener commute
  • Eliminated plastic delph/cutlery in the office, now all reusable
  • Consider environmental impact in all key business decisions
  • When working with clients, integrating environment and sustainability into our work

The SDGs are very important to us and we are striving to have an impact that is related to each of the 17 goals. This is a work in progress and to drive this agenda we are linking the SDGs to our new 2025 ESG Roadmap. We currently apply the SDGs to the way that we work and when working on consulting projects.

We are strong believers in diversity and inclusion and believe that our offices should reflect the diversity of our clients and communities. It is important to us that diversity is celebrated and encouraged. Diversity and inclusion are paramount to us from the hiring process all the way through the career development process.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of gender, marital status, family status, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, ancestry or national origin.

Career development is something that we take very seriously and we foster an environment that supports our employees in learning and development throughout their careers. We promote life-long learning and encourage our employees in continuous development.

Where we’re going

Like many businesses, Covid-19 has had a major impact in the way that we operate. As a consulting business with projects all across the globe, we were constantly on the move. When Covid-19 hit we were forced to rethink how we work and had to do business in a new way.

As we adapted to the situation, we reviewed our business operations and are determined to ‘build back better. We have developed a 2025 ESG Roadmap that we believe will help us to achieve our ambitious goals.


Empowering global food and agribusinesses to make the right decisions

We believe that with the right guidance, your agribusiness can grow. We create value for our clients by empowering them with tailored, evidence-based insights. Our team removes uncertainty and identifies opportunity, paving the way to sustainable growth and profitability.

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