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Absa Bank | Farm training and capacity building

The solution

Farrelly & Mitchell conducted capacity-building training focused on developing robust and practical technical skills and innovation deployment to farmers to support efficient production, improved quality, and increased supply of quality agricultural outputs. This was achieved through:

  • Development of a suitable strategy and methodology for the effective transfer of innovative production techniques to the target group
  • Transfer of innovative production and postharvest techniques to farmers
  • Development of maize production materials as a reference for participants
  • Delivery of training in an engaging way to effectively transfer knowledge to farmers
  • Serve as lead facilitators for both on-farm and classroom training

The results

800 farmers successfully participated in the farm training delivered by our highly experienced local team of agricultural consultants, employing methodologies and techniques that encourage active participation such as questions, hands-on trial sessions, field demonstrations and open discussions.

Audio-visual aids such as pictures, videos and hands-on trials helped farmers to appreciate the relevance and application of the training being provided.

Following a monitoring exercise undertaken to assess the level of adoption of farm training innovations, the following impact and improvements were recorded:

  • Trained farmers were empowered to hire more farmhands to undertake activities such as land preparation and spraying of herbicides to expand production areas
  • Time spent on-farm activities such as spraying herbicides and land preparation has been reduced
  • There is increased use of mechanisation in rice production processes
  • Farmers are more conscious of the environmental impact of agrochemicals and are now implementing practices to reduce the use of chemicals on crops and proper disposal of containers

It is anticipated that farmers’ yields for the current production season will increase significantly due to the high level of new production technologies adopted from training and capacity building provided by Farrelly & Mitchell.

The positive response from farmers to the program, as evidenced in the attendance, participation and results, is a strong indication of how important the farm training was for the trainees and aligning with the objectives of Absa Bank’s objectives.

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