About Farrelly & Mitchell

Worldwide presence

Through a worldwide network of 500 regional consultants, the company’s services span the food and agribusiness value chain from farm to fork.

These services include due diligence, value creation and implementation, feasibility, and financial modelling, sustainability & ESG advisory, food safety and security consulting, capacity building and training, strategy execution, investment and M&A, market trends & analysis and more.

Our expertise at local level allied with international experience enables a comprehensive and intelligent approach to food and agribusiness projects worldwide.

Value proposition

Farrelly & Mitchell empowers some of the world’s most ambitious food and agribusiness companies and agencies to make the right decisions.

With expert insight, local market intelligence and solid recommendations, we build and implement sustainable strategies that allow our clients to restructure, transform and grow across each link of the agribusiness and food value chain – from large scale farming and agribusinesses to consumer food or beverage manufacturing, distribution, retail and foodservice.

Philip Farrelly & Malachy Mitchell

Philip Farrelly & Malachy Mitchell

Chairman & Managing Director


Empowering global food and agribusinesses to make the right decisions

We believe that with the right guidance, your agribusiness can grow. We create value for our clients by empowering them with tailored, evidence-based insights. Our team removes uncertainty and identifies opportunity, paving the way to sustainable growth and profitability.

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