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Climate Change: Emerging food safety and security risks

How is climate change impacting the safety of our food?

The potential for foodborne diseases and pathogenic invasions of plant & animal species heightens as temperatures rise. Scientists predict that extended periods of heat & drought, as well as carbon emissions, will cause a reduction in crop yields & the number of nutrients naturally present in plants.

How does extreme weather patterns affect the nutritional quality of plants?

Approximately 80% of iron, 70% of zinc and 60% of our dietary protein requirements are sourced from plants. Increased carbon emissions are impacting the nutritional quality of our plants with reductions of 5% of iron, 10% of zinc and 8% of plant protein predicted if emissions continue to increase.

What are the impacts of these emerging food safety and security risks?

In this webinar we will discuss the challenges these risks pose to regulators and industry as well as the potential solutions to reduce their impact.


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