Food waste challenges in Gulf Coast Countries

Key Takeaways

Local environmental conditions mean that KSA and the wider GCC region is one of the most water scarce and food trade dependent regions in the world.

Increased incomes, younger demographics, change in dietary preferences and a rise in popularity of convenience foods all provide context for greater food waste in the region

Food loss and waste is being targeted as means of improving food security in tandem with sustainable domestic food production practices and diversified food imports

Sustainable high-tech agriculture is required to conserve scare water resources

Food loss and waste can be accurately monitored across the entire food value chain: Primary production, post-harvest, consumption, process and packaging and distribution

Governance and legislation, consumer mindfulness and behaviour, and collection/ recycling infrastructure improvements are all part of the solution towards reducing FLW

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Najeeb Alhumaid

Partner (Saudi Arabia)

Based in Farrelly & Mitchell's Riyadh office, Partner Najeeb has extensive experience in the middle east. Najeeb has worked with major food and beverage suppliers worldwide, and has an excellent track record in supporting mergers and acquisitions.

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