Agtech consulting: Bridging the gap between technology and agriculture

The role of agtech consulting

Agtech consulting firms specialise in integrating technology into food and agribusiness operations. Exactly how agtech consultants do this is often misunderstood. The consulting process extends far beyond simple recommendations and insights. Instead, it is a multistage process designed to solve current problems and maximise return on investment. This often takes the form of a Agtech consulting road map.

Agtech consulting road map:

  • Needs assessment: Assessing a client’s operations, understanding their unique requirements and targets.
  • Identification: Pinpointing technology gaps and recommending commercially viable agtech solutions that directly address their goals.
  • Strategy: Working with the client to design and execute an implementation plan for each chosen agtech solution.
  • Evaluation and improvement: Assessing the performance of the new tech and gathering feedback to identify further optimisation and areas of improvement. This includes impact reports, cost analyses, and ROI analyses.
  • Ongoing Support: Troubleshooting issues and developing a roadmap for future upgrades or additional technologies.

Challenges addressed by agtech consulting

Investors face several obstacles in adopting agtech, often due to limited understanding of the technology’s functionality and a lack of viable information. Without empirical evidence of success, businesses can be understandably apprehensive to invest.

Adoption of new technologies also entails high costs, leading decision-makers to be even more hesitant. Providing investors with clarity on their investment targets is one of the primary aims of agtech consultants. Through technical and commercial feasibility studies, agtech consultants can bridge knowledge gaps, address cost concerns, identify opportunities and risks, and ultimately alleviate investor fears.

Choosing the right agtech consulting service

When investing in agtech, it is critical to partner with the right consultants. Their experience and expertise should closely align with your targeted objectives and the technologies you are pursuing. Agrifood businesses should vet consultants based on their sector knowledge and track record of success on similar projects. Regional knowledge is also key – agtech consultants who are familiar with your region’s landscape, climate, limitations, and regulations will be better equipped to support you.

Seize the latest agtech opportunities

Whether you’re a producer looking to improve productivity, or an investor looking to maximise returns, agtech integration can serve as a catalyst for your success. Agtech consultants are key to this process, providing the insights and guidance you need to successfully integrate new technologies.

At Farrelly & Mitchell, we are dedicated to transforming farming and agribusiness practices through innovative technologies and practices. Our agtech experts are up-to-date on the latest technological advancements, and diligently pursue ways to integrate them into our clients’ operations. Our global network of experts combine deep sector knowledge with regional insights to provide bespoke agtech solutions that are tailored to our clients needs and budgets.

Contact us today to leverage key insights, embrace technological solutions, and transform your business.



Philip B Farrelly

Managing Partner

As a Managing Partner for Farrelly & Mitchell, Philip has consulted with countless food and beverage agribusinesses around the world. His expertise includes commercial and technical due diligence, business valuation, feasability modelling, and more.

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