Exotic Fruits in the European Market

Positive Trends

As Europe increases exotic fruit consumption, we explore if that presents opportunities for tropical producers, innovative niche snack manufacturers and hard-discount retailers.

Positive Trends

Globally, consumption of exotic fresh produce is increasing exponentially, even more so for certain products, such as pineapple, mango and avocado. There is an increase in avocado consumption in north and western Europe, while in the rest of Europe consumption of tamarinds, jackfruit and lychee is trending positively.

The chart below shows a growing market for exotic fruits including dates, figs, pineapples, avocados, guavas, mangoes and mangos teens in Europe, fresh or dried. Countries such as France, UK and Spain are experiencing double digit growth rates.

Diverse Market

The demand for fresh fruit and vegetables has traditionally been driven by price, but today’s market has become more diverse. While “hard-discounters” continue to capture increasing market shares, consumers are complementing their price-conscious shopping with more upmarket speciality food products. It is also worth considering if consumers are using savings from “hard-discounters” to make other premium purchases, and if that creates an opportunity for hard-discount retailers that is still untapped?

However, branding and storytelling are necessary key levers to support the marketing of exceptional taste experiences such “Discover More” by Fyffes or “A day in Life of…” campaign of Total Produce.

Fresh produce such as avocados and mangoes have shown robust growth in annual imports of 10% to 20% in recent times in the European market, while staples such as oranges and tomatoes have seen little fluctuation (see chart below).

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