Asian demand for flour bucks food supply chain trend

Global Flour Industry Growth Dynamics

The global market for flour continues to grow with a forecasted value of US$255 billion by 2020. However, changing consumption dynamics such as increased demand for gluten-free food products has disrupted more developed markets and impacted negatively on sales of conventional flour products. This has resulted in a reduction of 2% -30% in developed consumer markets such as the UK, France, Germany, and Russia. Other parts of the world have registered little or no growth in demand – see figure 1 on the following page.

However, there is one region of the world which has bucked this trend and that is Asia, with several large-scale flour mills increasing capacity to meet growing demand on the back of rising populations across the region.

Also, initiatives such as the leading flour miller in China introducing cup noodles, has caused a noticeable positive shift in demand and has been a catalyst for increasing flour imports into the country.

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Michael Sweeney

Senior Researcher

Michael is a senior agri-food economist with Farrelly & Mitchell and has consulted on numerous assignments across Europe, Middle East, Africa and globally.


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