Livestock consulting

Optimise your herd with our livestock consulting services

Livestock consulting

Livestock consulting

As one of the oldest and most widely practiced methods of agriculture, livestock farming is foundational to global food systems. By providing a rich source of protein and nutrient-dense calories, livestock farming contributes heavily to global food security and poverty reduction. Beyond food production, livestock provides numerous commodities such as wool, leather, milk, and even labour.

The livestock industry is a key economic, cultural, and social driver. According to the FAO, the industry contributes to roughly 40% of agricultural output in developed countries and about 20% in developing ones, supporting the livelihoods of up to 1.3 billion people around the world. Global demand for meat is forecasted to rise by 15% in the next decade, as growing populations require access to healthy and nutrient-rich food sources. Despite this, there are growing concerns over the sustainability and ethics of the livestock industry, with consumers being increasingly motivated by animal welfare on farms, as well as the overall environmental impact of intensive industrialised farming practices.

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Our services

At Farrelly Mitchell, our livestock consulting team is deeply involved in the sector, offering valuable insights into best livestock practices and areas for operational and technical improvements.  Our consultants have extensive, real-world experience in supporting farmers and rural businesses with their animals, covering everything from cattle and pigs, to sheep, horses, goats, and more.

Our livestock consulting services include:

Supply chains:

Our consultants offer comprehensive supply chain management. This includes strategies for efficient feed sourcing, transportation logistics, market access, and building robust relationships with suppliers and buyers. By optimising the supply chain, farmers can reduce costs, improve product quality, and ensure timely delivery to markets.
Working with animals brings inherent biosecurity risks to both farmers and livestock, including injuries, diseases, and pests. We provide on-site assessments to identify health and safety risks and ensure regulatory compliance. This includes evaluating facilities, equipment, and procedures to identify potential hazards and recommend improvements.

ESG and sustainability:

We offer specialised support focussing on responsible and sustainable livestock farming practices. Our consultants help farmers adopt more environmentally friendly methods, reduce carbon footprints, and implement socially responsible practices. By emphasising sustainability, farmers can meet growing consumer demands for ethically and sustainbly produced food.
We assess farm operations, advising on farm layout, infrastructure development, agtech implementation, and more. By streamlining your operations and recommending modern and sustainable solutions, we foster more productive and profitable businesses.

Optimising livestock production

Our livestock consultants support livestock farmers with actionable insights and tailored solutions to maximise productivity and profit.

Our expertise

Our food and agribusiness consultants have extensive experience across the livestock industry, having supported businesses in the meat, dairy, and by-product sectors. We pride ourselves on our in-depth regional insights and industry-leading supply chain knowledge, which allows us to quickly identify the challenges that livestock producers face and develop bespoke strategies to solve them. By blending real-world experience with data-driven technologies, we can devise strategies that are informed by real experts and supported by empirical data. Our recent projects in this sector include:

We conducted a pre-feasibility study for a smart livestock farming opportunity in the UAE, including an in-depth market review of competitors and consumer trends, to determine market potential and design a business road map for market entry.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ for answers to common agribusiness queries. Can’t find your question? Contact our expert team for tailored assistance.

What is livestock production management?

Livestock production management involves overseeing the health, breeding, nutrition, and housing of domesticated animals like cattle, sheep, and goats. It includes practices for enhancing productivity, ensuring animal welfare, and maintaining sustainable operations.

How does livestock farming affect the environment?

Livestock farming impacts the environment through greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation for grazing, water usage, and pollution from manure. It contributes to biodiversity loss and can affect soil and water quality.

How can livestock producers reduce environmental impact?

Farmers can reduce impact by adopting practices like rotational grazing, efficient manure management, integrated crop-livestock systems, and using renewable energy sources. Through livestock consulting, farmers can assess their current impact and implement more responsible and sustainable practices.

How can farmers protect livestock?

Farmers can protect livestock by ensuring adequate shelter, proper nutrition, regular health checks, and vaccinations. Implementing biosecurity measures, predator control, and stress reduction techniques are also crucial for animal safety and well-being.

Can you integrate livestock and crops?

If implemented properly, crop-livestock integration can be extremely beneficial. This system allows for efficient land use, improves soil fertility through manure, controls pests and weeds naturally, and diversifies income sources for farmers.

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With decades of experience in the livestock industry, we act as trusted partners to farmers, guiding them as they navigate evolving market trends and tightening regulation. For insightful and actionable livestock consulting, contact us today.

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