Anirudh Pathak

Anirudh Pathak specializes in Marketing and routinely applies his knowledge to the strategic development of assets and the content associated with the global food and agribusiness industries from Dublin Headquarters.

He is in charge of the paid search ads and LinkedIn ads by optimizing the budgets and the campaigns on a daily routine.

At Farrelly & Mitchell Anirudh’s expertise entails the design and publication of innovative content aimed at producing optimal outcomes for the business and its clients. His work also encompasses the application of SEO & production of content complementing up-to-date digital marketing trends and practices. He is adept at creating custom templates for dashboards to be used by C-Suite and the Managers across the company.

Anirudh is responsible for designing media promotions and infographics. He uses Google AdWords for lead generation, Google Analytics for website performance analytics, and SendGrid for Email campaigns. He regularly produces promotional content for brand awareness using Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects. Making and updating the landing pages for UX/UI is also a strong hand of Anirudh Pathak.

Prior to Farrelly and Mitchell, Anirudh Pathak was involved in cinematography, photography, and production design in both Ireland and India. He worked as a visual content creator for various clients. His duties included but were not limited to producing go-to-market strategies, asset development, and handling social media campaigns aimed at boosting the brand presence.


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