Make informed growth decisions by leveraging our expert commercial and technical insights

Expert knowledge to help you make the right decision

The aim of due diligence on a target is to identify key internal and external risks, qualify opportunities, validate and support the valuation process and identify integration synergies and requirements. We have a proven track record of working with clients on potential targets and have unique insight, knowledge and experience along with each link in the food value chain.

Gain a deep understanding of the operating market

Buying businesses can be lucrative, but also risky and complex. By gaining an in-depth knowledge of the target’s full potential, you can make better decisions. Take advantage of our expert sector experience conducting due diligence on European, Middle Eastern, African and South American farmland, food, beverage and agribusiness investments.

A proven approach towards a clear recommendation

Emerging markets can be opaque. Without knowing the market size, competitive landscape, growth dynamics and value creation potential, you are effectively operating in the dark. Our experts have deep experience in cultivating and unlocking sources of local market intelligence to bring clarity to the investment decision.

We use a proven approach on due diligence assignments; requesting and receiving answers to key operational questions; following systematic steps to gather and analyse key technical, operational and commercial information on the target so as to deliver a robust red flag report containing a clear go/no-go recommendation.

To get to the crux of your target’s potential, contact us today so that you know your next steps

Some of our key service areas include

  • Commercial due diligence
  • Technical due diligence
  • Value creation / quick wins (post-acquisition)
  • ESG due diligence & feasibility

Who do we serve?

  • Private equity funds
  • Food & Agribusiness corporates
  • Family offices
  • Government agencies
  • Multilateral organisations
  • Asset and fund managers

What we do

Our considerable agribusiness and food industry knowledge and experience help clients within these sectors to make the right decisions, improve and sustainably grow.

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