A vital strategic pillar for policy makers

Food security has become a critical issue in both developing and developed markets. See how we can inform food security strategies to mitigate risk.

Concerns surrounding climate change, anticipated population explosion, fluctuations in food prices and other international incidents such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic are forcing policy makers to reconsider their food security policies and increase the robustness of food supply chains.

We have worked with governments and policy makers in developing appropriate domestic and overseas polices and strategies to mitigate the impact of supply chain shocks on local food chains.

Navigating industry challenges and unforeseen supply disruptions

Fundamental understanding of industry-specific challenges is critical, and a priority of Farrelly & Mitchell. Building resilience to global shocks is imperative to maintaining long-term stability. Supply chain optimisation is a key factor in curbing potential risks of disruption. Countries with higher exposure to trade volatility and climate issues are particularly fragile.  Whether it’s tackling the issue of water scarcity in the Middle East through innovation and AgTech, or addressing the challenges associated with access to capital in Africa, let our team of experts give your project the best opportunity for long term success.

Ensuring long-term security and prosperity for our clients

Contact us to find out more about our services in food policy measures and strategy. Our deep global experience allows us to have a unique insight into food security challenges in different markets and regions around the world.

Some of our key service areas include:

  • Food Security Policies:
    • Formulation
    • Review
    • Adaptation and implementation strategies
  • Regulatory Environment:
  • Subsidies and price strategies
  • Trade agreements and tariffs
  • Privatisation and licencing strategic assets
  • Overseas investment and M&A
  • Project Implementation
  • Partnership identification and evaluation
  • Investment sourcing, assessment and due diligence

Who do we serve?

  • Governments/policy makers
  • Private companies
  • Multilaterals/NGOs

What we do

Our considerable agribusiness and food industry knowledge and experience help clients within these sectors to make the right decisions, improve and sustainably grow.

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