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Strategic and financial investors worldwide are aiming to cash in on the technological changes, trends and innovations in food and agriculture. Areas of opportunity can be identified from analysing the effects associated with a growing global population, increasing consumer demand for food from sustainable sources and technological innovation.

Investing in food and agribusiness requires a deep understanding of the industry inner workings, the value chain, and local market norms. Our deep technical and commercial experience of the sector, and particular knowledge of specific geographical challenges and cultural contexts, is essential in understanding the rationale for investment.

Unique geographical knowledge and understanding

We have extensive experience working with corporate, government and private equity clients across food and agribusiness and have worked on transactions in every major region of the world. Many of the target investment opportunities are in geographies unfamiliar to some investors, and their profitability rests on many local factors. This is where our unique understanding of target markets and locations helps our clients to make informed decisions.

Full chain expertise

A full view of the supply chain in these markets is what gives an investor the edge. As a rule, we build perspective across the entire food value and supply chain for any investment opportunity.

And our service offering doesn’t stop at purchase. Our M&A services cover the full deal cycle from target search and screening through commercial and technical due diligence to post-investment integration, value creation and implementation.

Farrelly & Mitchell’s long-term outlook and impact

It’s important that our outlook aligns with that of our clients’, so we share it. Our long-term vision recognises that early-stage agribusinesses can take ten years or more to reach maturity.

We are currently investing in Ghana, with plans to expand into other markets in the region. We are raising agricultural productivity, increasing incomes, creating employment opportunities and helping to reduce food insecurity, hunger and under-nutrition in rural communities.

Some of our key service areas include:

  • Buy and sell mandates
  • Due diligence
  • Arranging debt and equity finance

Who do we serve?

  • Food and agribusiness companies
  • Private equity funds
  • Family offices
  • HNW investors
  • Sovereign wealth funds and other government agencies

To start your food and agribusiness investment process, talk to us today to leverage our unique perspective.

What we do

Our considerable agribusiness and food industry knowledge and experience help clients within these sectors to make the right decisions, improve and sustainably grow.

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