Saudi F&B market – addressing health and wellness as the new growth wave

Chaitanya GRK, Senior Manager, Farrelly & Mitchell, explores how demographics, economic indicators and health challenges are shaping the need for healthy food in Saudi Arabia. The presentation explores the four key aspects that companies marketing/venturing to market healthy products need to prioritize

Key Takeaways:

  • Favourable demographics to drive Saudi F&B demand: Fast growing with median age<10 years than developed countries’ average
  • Strong consumer spending potential indicates wider opportunities in F&B: Per capita GDP comparable to developed countries
  • However, health challenges set to change consumer approach to F&B: Limited physical activity increasing NCDs, which contributes to 73% of adult mortality
  • Economic situations displacing base population in Saudi on long term:Eventually impacting F&B industry.But higher employment rates for Saudis to sustain the industry as affordability increase…
  • Dairy, Poultry, Bakery and Beverages to attract higher consumer attention: Functional benefits to gain the most
  • What should companies address to capitalise on the opportunity? Letting know the product benefit and digital marketing are crucial aspects
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