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For us, the satisfaction and excitement of a job is never really complete until we have the pleasure of seeing the results. Over and over again, those results have been positive. Our clients have shown us that, with our help and guidance, they can boost sales and margins. Here are some examples:

Global Agri-Supply Company

Sector: Agri-Food Policy
Location: GCC


GCC Government agricultural policy impact study

Impact of current government agricultural policies on the supply, demand, quality and price of farm outputs; value chain analysis of primary agriculture production; future likely policy changes and their impact on the wider supply chain (structure and pricing); impact of resource scarcities such as water, fertile land, human and technical capital; growth drivers and metrics and level of alignment/non-alignment with country specific government policies.


Comprehensive study has supported an expansion of client operations in the region.

Government of Botswana

Sector: Livestock
Location: Botswana


Review of cattle grading system

The client wanted a review of EU beef grading standards and to understand the effect that these would have on the Botswana beef sector.  The project involved a technical review of EU beef grading standards and systems and a comparative analysis of beef farming and beef processing between the EU and Botswana.


Completed a comprehensive report detailing the technical, economic and wider supply chain implication of implementing EU beef grading standards in Botswana.

Global Agri-Investment Company

Sector: Horticulture / Fresh Produce
Location: Namibia


Business valuation of a table grape farm (‘Target’)

The farm produced table grapes for export to high-street supermarket multiples in Europe and Asia. The client required a detailed business valuation of the Target supported by a range of capex, expansion and efficient gains scenarios.


A detailed robust business valuation was completed for the Target using various valuation methodologies and expansion/production scenarios.

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