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Is controlled environment agriculture ready to seize the future?

Farrelly & Mitchell recently launched a report with a food security focus, entitled, ‘Is controlled environment agriculture ready to seize the future?’  This webinar sees the panel discuss the findings contained in the document and expand on the various aspects covered in the report.  There is a great deal of optimism that controlled environment agriculture technology […]


Sustainable agribusiness in water-scarce Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a difficult task in balancing the country’s scarce water capacity with the need to generate the agricultural activity required to bolster food security. We analyse the crops, technologies, economics & potential solutions. Can Saudi Arabia’s water scarcity issue be resolved? Agriculture uses up to 82% of Saudi Arabia’s water capacity. Refining agricultural […]


Supply chains & food security: assessing the impact of disruptive forces

This webinar is dedicated to the publication of our report  – Supply chains & food security – assessing the impact of disruptive forces. We hear from Malachy Mitchell in Dublin, Najeeb Alhumaid in Riyadh and Stephen Awuah in Accra as they get to grips with the major themes around this topical subject. Specifically, we look […]


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