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Deep dive Q&A on the financial feasibility of sustainability

Global nutraceuticals knowledge platform Vitafoods Insights this week interviewed Farrelly & Mitchell Managing Director Malachy Mitchell in a wide-ranging Q&A on the economics of sustainability. The interview, involved insightful discussion on questions around supply chain, integration of sustainability in organisations, ROI calculation, as well as the positive impact of sustainability on financials, due diligence and traceability. […]


Farrelly & Mitchell launch controlled environment agriculture report   

Agri-food specialists Farrelly & Mitchell have launched their most recent report, with an online expert panel discussion accompanying the publication, entitled, ‘Is controlled environment agriculture ready to seize the future?’   The report assesses the prospects of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) in meeting the competing challenges of food security and climate change over the coming decades. Among obstacles […]


Saudi Arabian water scarcity key focus of new report

The impact of Saudi Arabian water scarcity on the country’s agriculture and food prospects was the focus of a recent online expert panel discussion. The webinar marked the launch of a report entitled Getting the balance right: Water resources and food security in Saudi Arabia, published by food and agribusiness specialists, Farrelly & Mitchell. Managing […]


Appointments announced at Farrelly & Mitchell agri-food specialists

Farrelly & Mitchell, international food and agribusiness management consultants, has announced a number of strategic appointments to its regional and head offices. Najeeb Alhumaid is announced as Partner, Saudi Arabia region. Mr Alhumaid joined Farrelly & Mitchell in 2014 and is based at the Riyadh office, from where he has contributed greatly in expanding the […]


G20 to hear of waste urgency for global food supply chains

The ongoing global challenge of food loss and waste (FLW) is the subject of a major G20 workshop digital event on Thursday 14th October. Farrelly & Mitchell, Middle East Regional Manager Najeeb AlHumaid is to deliver a presentation, entitled ‘Challenges for FLW infrastructure and logistics in GCC countries’ at the virtual event, part of a […]


Farrelly & Mitchell participate in landmark World Food Day event

Leaders from the world of food and agriculture are set to take part in an important live digital event this week, which will mark World Food Day and the 75th anniversary of the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Top food and agriculture leadership to speak Malachy Mitchell, MD of Farrelly & Mitchell agribusiness […]


Farrelly & Mitchell focus on improving food supply lines as report launched

Learning from past disruption to food supply lines is a major theme in a new report into food security by agri-food consultants, Farrelly Mitchell. The Supply Chains & Food Security Report was launched on Tuesday, with a webinar featuring analysis from the company’s management in Dublin, Riyadh and Accra. The report’s authors look at the […]


Farrelly & Mitchell announces new appointments

Dublin, Ireland, 22nd July 2020 –  Farrelly & Mitchell, international food and agribusiness management consultants, has announced a number of strategic appointments to its Dublin head office. Seamus Roarty will take up the position of Agri-Food Economist & Financial Analyst and will be based at the company’s Head Office at Balbriggan, Dublin. Mr Roarty has […]


Coronavirus delivers harsh lessons on supply chain complacency

The coronavirus has exposed the limitations of the Just In Time (JIT) supply chain model, or more to the point exposed our over-reliance on it. What is happening global food supply chains right now amid the coronavirus pandemic and what other disruptive forces, good and bad, must we consider when we address our food supply chain […]


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