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The importance of building sustainability & ESG into your food or agribusiness

Environmental practices are no longer seen as counterproductive to running a food or agribusiness.

The Paris Agreement is driving momentum towards sustainable agriculture worldwide and much of the consultancy’s work is in helping clients to build better sustainability practices into their businesses and supply chains.

Africa’s future tied up with ESG

African businesses have a lack of sustainable values in their business models and Farrelly & Mitchell is assisting African clients to reach better rates of ESG compliance.

Africa has a very young population and ESG is being driven by younger generations, adding to the urgent need for businesses to improve their ESG practices and continue to attract investment into the future.



Stephen Awuah

Regional Director (SSA)

Leading Farrelly & Mitchell's Ghana office, Regional Director Stephen Awuah is a seasoned food and agribusiness professional. With an extensive portfolio of agribusiness consultancy in the SSA region, Stephen offers unrivalled regional expertise.


Empowering global food and agribusinesses to make the right decisions

We believe that with the right guidance, your agribusiness can grow. We create value for our clients by empowering them with tailored, evidence-based insights. Our team removes uncertainty and identifies opportunity, paving the way to sustainable growth and profitability.

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