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Expert insights: Overcoming agrifood challenges in MENA

The rise of hydroponics

The Farrelly & Mitchell UAE consultants help clients to overcome its challenges through assisting in developing local production, diversifying import sources and the developing of agile supply chains.

In the MENA agrifood sector, Aquaponics and hydroponics are increasingly becoming viable solutions in the region but there are limitations at the moment to the technology.

Great investment in technology is taking place as the region as governments rise to the challenge of overcoming natural challenges. Farrelly & Mitchell’s MENA-based consultants help clients to make the right choices in terms of growth options, including technology suitability.



Chaitanya GRK

Regional Director (MENA)

Based in Farrelly & Mitchell's Dubai office, Regional Director Chaitanya has decades of experience in the MENA region. With extensive knowledge of the food and beverage industry, Chaitanya can help your business thrive in the consumer food sector.


Empowering global food and agribusinesses to make the right decisions

We believe that with the right guidance, your agribusiness can grow. We create value for our clients by empowering them with tailored, evidence-based insights. Our team removes uncertainty and identifies opportunity, paving the way to sustainable growth and profitability.

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