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Chocolate sector grapples with consumer health fears

While chocolate is still the big winner among snack food consumers, future trends in the sector will suit companies who can meet the growing demand for healthier confectionary. Global Market Global chocolate industry revenues reached $117 billion in 2014 and on a typical day, more than one billion people on the planet consume some chocolate. […]


Food packaging is critical to consumer purchasing decisions

Price and quality are the primary factors that influence consumers’ food purchasing decisions; however brand owners are increasingly focused on enhanced packaging as a way to engage customers and to stand out from the competition. According to Datamonitor, the global containers & packaging market was worth $560.3bn in 2014, representing a compound annual growth rate […]


Refocusing international farmland investment

The factors that created investors’ fascination with farm land investment are likely to persist, however they need to think less about farm land as an asset class and more about agri-food as a business sector. Attractive Asset Class The original spur for farm land investors was the spike in global food prices back in 2008, […]


Water shortage drive switch from irrigation to hydroponics

Dwindling water resources have persuaded the government of Saudi Arabia to shut down the domestic production of low-value irrigated crops. However, the Kingdom is developing as a producer of high-value food crops using sophisticated hydroponic technologies. Water Restrictions The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is home to around 5 percent of the world’s […]


UAE positions itself as global hub for Halal products

The United Arab Emirates is planning to challenge Malaysia as the global hub of the halal food industry by implementing internationally-recognised certification standards and encouraging the re-export of halal products through the gulf state’s trading centres. Halal Standards In November last the UAE’s food standards authority launched a new ‘Halal National Mark’ in an effort […]


Poultry import drivers in the Gulf co-operation council

The GCC imports almost $2.8 billion of poultry meat annually to satisfy local demand. However, traditional exporters to the region are coming under increasing pressure from rising consumer expectations, expanded local production capacity and new entrants into the market. Imports In the period between 2008 and 2012, the proportion of poultry imported to the Gulf […]


Saudi soft drinks market continues to fizz

Advertising energy drinks has been outlawed and a partial ban on energy drinks sales from certain types of facilities has been imposed in Saudi Arabia. Despite this, the flourishing demand for soft drinks is set to continue in the Kingdom buoyed up by the absence of alcoholic drink options, a hot climate and a large […]


Risk and reward in the Saudi poultry sector

The investment in and development of the Saudi poultry sector is a key goal for both the government and the private sector, however such investments could be a fraught venture, even in a region where chicken is a dinner-time favourite. Increasing Demand Poultry meat accounts for nearly three-quarters of meat consumption in the Saudi Arabia, […]


Saudi boosts food security as it shuts down wheat industry

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on target to have more than a year’s reserves of grain by 2015, compensating for the shutdown of local production capacity and possible turmoil on the world grain market. Increased Imports The Grain Silos & Flour Mills Organisation or GSFMO – the government agency in Saudi Arabia responsible for […]


Key success factors for investment in international agricultural land

Although the initial focus of Middle East-based investors in agriculture was the acquisition of land assets in developing and middle-income countries, a careful analysis of the sector reveals that the best investments may actually be located within highly-developed economies. Growth in Land Investment The agricultural land investment sector has grown in prominence in recent years, […]


Addressing the root causes of food inflation in the MENA

Countries in the Middle East and North Africa are especially susceptible to food inflation, however government policy needs to change away from short-term solutions such as food subsidies, which ultimately exacerbate the problem, rather than easing it. Food Imports The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) relies on imported food to an extent greater than […]


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