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Private equity finds fertile ground in Africa

The difficulty of raising capital for the agri-food sector in sub-Saharan Africa has created an opportunity for private equity investor, who are in a position to invest profitably and knowledgeably in one of the world’s highest-potential regions. Global Demand The FAO forecasts that global demand for agricultural products will increase by 50 percent between 2015 […]


Risk and reward in the Saudi poultry sector

The investment in and development of the Saudi poultry sector is a key goal for both the government and the private sector, however such investments could be a fraught venture, even in a region where chicken is a dinner-time favourite. Increasing Demand Poultry meat accounts for nearly three-quarters of meat consumption in the Saudi Arabia, […]


Key success factors for investment in international agricultural land

Although the initial focus of Middle East-based investors in agriculture was the acquisition of land assets in developing and middle-income countries, a careful analysis of the sector reveals that the best investments may actually be located within highly-developed economies. Growth in Land Investment The agricultural land investment sector has grown in prominence in recent years, […]


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