Agribusiness potential: Ghana's role in feeding Africa

Ghana Overview

Ghana, formerly the Gold Coast, is located in the sub-region of West Africa of the African continent. It has a population of over 30 million, spanning a variety of ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. The median age is around 20.67 years, and about 60% of the population is between 15 to 64 years of age, according to current population estimates.

Why Invest in Ghanaian Agribusiness?

“Despite lower oil prices, all of the important economic organisations such as IMF and World Bank maintain a bright outlook for Africa and Ghana.”

The critical fundamentals in Ghana that remain strong and keep its development from derailing include –

Availability of Resources:

  • Abundant agricultural land and water
  • Large labour force
  • Funding available for developing the country

Economics of Resources:

  • Superior climate for multiple crops per year
  • Property costs are relatively low
  • Proximity to local and world markets

Demand for Sustainable Food:

  • Ghana’s population to double by 2050
  • Ghana imports a significant amount of food
  • Food demands outpacing population growth
  • Local and worldwide growing demand of food

Government Stability and Support:

  • One of the fastest growing economies in Africa
  • Ghana’s currency closely tied to US dollar
  • Free elections for over two decades
  • Ten-year tax holiday for Free Zones Enterprise
  • Development
  • Government and Chieftain support
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Stephen Awuah

Regional Director (SSA)

Leading Farrelly & Mitchell's Ghana office, Regional Director Stephen Awuah is a seasoned food and agribusiness professional. With an extensive portfolio of agribusiness consultancy in the SSA region, Stephen offers unrivalled regional expertise.


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