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Sustainability a key industry ingredient for food security

The UN defines a ‘sustainable food system’ as a food system that delivers food security and nutrition for everyone in such a way that the economic, social and environmental bases involved are not compromised for future generations. Sustainability in food industry is growing in influence. The food supply chain we relied on in recent decades […]


Clamping down on global food waste to protect food security

The biggest pandemic in a century continues to test food security and countries are taking steps to reduce global food waste and maintain sufficient food supplies. China has launched an ‘Operation Empty Plate’ campaign as part of an overall strategy to bolster the country’s food security. 18 million tonnes of food waste annually is enough […]


Farrelly & Mitchell analysis: Lebanon explosion exposes lack of food security plan

Lebanon explosion exposes lack of food security planning Years of financial, political, and governmental strife meant Lebanon’s vulnerability was at a heightened state well before the tragic explosion that rocked Beirut on the 4th of August. The global pandemic had added to already serious social unrest, devastated businesses and ramped up unemployment. Lebanon was already […]


Is Covid-19 accelerating ESG investment in food and agribusiness?

The impact of Covid-19 is feeding a growing momentum towards the building of more resilient food supply chains, and specifically more sustainability in how the system works. With a drive towards ethical investment, fund managers and venture funds are mindful of ESG in how they invest their money. Evidence of this is widespread. Take for […]


Covid-19 presents chance to build a more resilient food supply chain

Global agri-food supply chains have so far been resilient in responding to the difficulties posed by the coronavirus, although certain logistical challenges persist. Improving the system at a local level seems an appropriate measure, but not at the expense of international trade. Research from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) indicates that one out […]


Newly unveiled EU Farm to Fork Strategy set to transform agriculture in Europe

The EU launched its eagerly awaited Farm to Fork Strategy document at the end of May and, if its objectives are achieved, it will have a hugely transformative effect on food and agriculture value chains in Europe. The overriding aim is to achieve a more sustainable, decarbonised, and secure food and agriculture ecosystem and governments […]


Coronavirus update: national and regional action needed in Ghana and West Africa

Stephen Awuah, Senior Manager- SSA, Farrelly & Mitchell looks at how countries in west and Sub-Sahara Africa are coping with the global coronavirus pandemic. Not unexpectedly, considering wealthy, developed countries are struggling, countries with low per capita income like Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali are badly affected by COVID-19. The reality of struggle in those […]


Ghana during COVID-19 – facing up to food supply chain problems

Ghana’s growing reputation as a west African powerhouse has been hard-won but the COVID-19 global pandemic is a big test of the country’s agribusiness and food supply resilience. Stephen Awuah, Senior Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa for Farrelly & Mitchell examines its response in this update on the coronavirus and highlight food supply chain problems in Ghana […]


East African food safety and security threatened by a plague of locusts

The recent swarms of desert locusts in East Africa are being compared with mentions made in the Book of Exodus. It is the worst such epidemic experienced in the region in over 70 years, with worrying implications for food safety. Earlier this year, a plague of locusts swept through, devouring crops, and threatening the food […]


Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia: perishable goods could take a hit

Kieran Forde, Senior Consultant, MENA region, Farrelly & Mitchell looks at how the coronavirus in Saudi Arabia and neighbouring nations is impacting on food and agribusiness. There is a feeling that the food industry in Saudi Arabia, like most of the world, was caught unawares from a risk management perspective. The emphasis has been very […]


COVID 19 is compounding the world’s food waste problem

The carbon footprint of the vast amounts of food wasted globally is widely publicised. Unfortunately, due to panic buying and stockpiling of perishable goods by consumers across the world driven by the COVID-19 outbreak, food waste volumes are again spiking. Waste disposal services in the US and the UK noted an uptick in food waste […]


Six ways COVID 19 is challenging the food processing sector

Many of our clients, particularly those producing basic ingredients and household staples, have responded to the Covid-19 crisis by ramping up production to unprecedented levels to meet surging demand from retailers as consumers rush to supermarkets to stockpile food products.   In the process they are learning valuable lessons about the strengths and limitations of their […]


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