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The soil’s role in the battle against climate change

The Biden Presidency is not losing any time in its first 100 days introducing reforms across the board. It served notice of its intent by immediately signing up once more to the Paris Agreement, from which the previous administration had withdrawn. An area in which the US is planning a leading role in combating climate […]


The Government role in fostering ESG policy in agriculture

Governments in developing nations have a long history of intervention in agricultural markets through trade regulation and farm support policies such as the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the US Farm Bill. However, these policies are being reshaped to move towards encouraging more sustainable farming systems and to reflect societies priorities for biodiversity, food […]


Why ESG will continue to influence food industry trends

Consumers have a major role in influencing the sustainability agenda within the food and agribusiness sector, arguably the most important. Through their purchasing patterns they have a major impact on which foods are being produced and how they are being produced. In recent years, consumer attitudes in developed countries towards sustainability has changed significantly. Sustainability and environmental concerns are […]


2021 ESG trends: The cost of failing to integrate sustainability into agribusinesses

A recent ranking of the world’s 100 most sustainably managed public companies was published last week with iconic names such as Sony, Philips, Merck, and Cisco Systems topping the list. But one industry was largely a no-show: food processing.   Companies are under great pressure to make positive contributions to pressing environmental, social, and economic issues. This pressure comes from the combined […]


Tapping into the potential of agriculture and decentralised energy

Decentralised renewable energy (DER), or off-grid renewables, can support productive activity at all stages of the agri-food chain. It makes sense to integrate from irrigation to food production, through post-harvest processes, including agro-processing and food preservation for storage and transport. The relationship between agribusiness, decentralised energy innovators and governments can be a catalyst for greater […]


Significant investment suggests credibility of vertical farming systems

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is a small but growing and increasingly noticeable technology-based approach to food production. The extent of investment in the technology indicates a belief that it will continue to prove itself a contender as the world seeks to meet the demands of providing food for its rapidly growing population.   The UN expects […]


Immediate challenges kick in as ‘Brexit effect’​ hits food supply chains

In the first few weeks of January the ‘Brexit effect’ was clearly visible in Irish supermarkets with Tesco stores displaying notices that certain products would not return to shelves until late January or February, and empty M&S shelves making headlines. A notice in an M&S store in Dublin city centre announced “Following the UK’s recent departure […]


Saudi Arabia reinforces water supply as food challenges mount

Significant ongoing population growth means the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has had to be extremely diligent in managing food security and water supply. Water supply is not abundant in the region and the 2020 pandemic has hastened efforts to maintain water resources vital to the country’s agriculture and food. The coronavirus has influenced a greater […]


Can African agribusiness access the credit needed to transform?

The difficulty for African agribusinesses in gaining access to the credit that can transform their sector is long understood. A recent FAO report found over 90% of sub-Saharan Africa’s 48 million smallholder farmers lack access to formal credit. Although agriculture accounts for around 65% of employment and 32% of GDP, less than 6% of commercial loan recipients are smallholder […]


Pandemic increases Middle East agriculture investment focus

The UAE and KSA are acutely aware of their food security status and the 2020 pandemic has served to ensure more agriculture investment is designated to shoring up their food supply. The UAE, who imports 90 per cent of their food, under the auspices of the country’s Food Security Council set about taking every possible […]


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