Meat and dairy exports to the Middle East

The oil-rich countries of the Gulf represent some of the world’s wealthiest and fastest growing economies…the presenation provides a checklislist to companies who want to expand in Middle East and details our experience in the sector through a client case.

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow the money:The Gulf’s rich economies and affluent demographic
  • Increasing GCC dairy and meat consumption: Forecast 2025 GCC food consumption is expected to grow constantly due to strong demographic, social and macroeconomic trends
  • Important to understand that demand is not homogenous: Significant expatriate population provides number of niche opportunities
  • GCC Market Entry: Checklist
  • GCC is also a major launchpad to the MEASA region: A catchment of 3.3 billion consumers and growing
  • Client case: Innovation driven investment from Europe in the GCC …

Meat and Dairy Exports to the Middle East from Malachy Mitchell

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