Is controlled environment agriculture ready to seize the future?

Farrelly & Mitchell recently launched a report with a food security focus, entitled, ‘Is controlled environment agriculture ready to seize the future?’ 

This webinar sees the panel discuss the findings contained in the document and expand on the various aspects covered in the report. 
There is a great deal of optimism that controlled environment agriculture technology can play its part alongside conventional food and agriculture technologies in satisfying food security demands, while also helping to combat climate change. 
We hear from Paul Fagan (Partner, Advisory Services) in Dublin, Chaitanya GRK (Regional Director, MENA) in Dubai and Stephen Awuah (Regional Director SSA) in Accra as they get to grips with the major themes around this topical subject. Hosted by Amy Ward Whelan (Project Specialist), the panel draws on their consultancy experience to comment and predict on a tech that is seeing a huge amount of investment at the moment, and its prospects for success. 
Watch the webinar above and for more detail on this subject download you can Download Full Report here. 

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